My significant other Casey is a fact-hound of sorts.  He’s a library of information about history, astrology, animal species and TV. It’s a lot of pressure to hold conversations with him because he over-examines and nitpicks everything I say.  He’ll chide me: “You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.”  Then he constantly fact-checks many things I say on his phone.  Or he looks it up in dictionary or worse just knows I’m wrong.  Even when I’m right, he’s unrelenting. What gives?  Does he do this to everyone in his life — his Mama, his boss, his brother?

-Maddie F.

My boyfriend Tom is like a Witch Doctor.  He’s got some arcane theories about what’s best for sure: “Why don’t you wash the scallions after you cut them? When you’re sick, gargle with salt water.  My Mom and sisters don’t bathe when they have their period and you shouldn’t either. Don’t put hair in the toilet – it’ll clog it.  Don’t leave the microwave door open to let the steam out.” He unloads all this kooky, off-base and yet vehement science at will.  And he lets me know there’s no room for debate.  I just roll my eyes behind his back and do things my way.  So annoying.

-Liz H.


He gives a whole new unpleasant meaning to the term “Mr. Right.” Cuz he always has to be right, you always have to be wrong.  Even when he consults the Internet, his Mama, his Daddy, the dictionary or his smartphone, the news that you’re right over some minor point of fact is delivered with astonishment.  Or a sneer.

This may be a particular fetish with your guy.  He needs to play King-Boss even if it’s over some minor details like these.


This correcting issue isn’t big enough to be a deal-breaker but it is hella annoying.  It always makes me wonder what kind of family or school a guy grew up in to be so unrelentingly rude as an adult.  On the bright side, you may learn a definition, factoid or pronunciation.  If you don’t go crazy first.

You can be diplomatic about sharing your feelings about being corrected so very often. You can demand that he keep these correcting conversations private but you may not be able to make it stop.  And doing it back to him, in my experience, will only escalate the frequency and intensity of the King-Boss of Correcting.

Ugh.  Just one of the many ways you have to pay to play when it comes to dating.


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