I’ve been working and playing the field in NYC for a few years, harvesting some critical insights to decode the mindgames of today. I have great relationships but they take work and discernment. Cuz life here requires you not to stay stupid.

For years I’ve been reading Glamour, Elle, etc. Seems like a lot of women’s mags tell us how to play games, be popular, get revenge, be neurotic, spy on folks, judge people’s body language, how to get him to propose. And men’s rags like Maxim and FHM are worse: how to pick up ladies, how to play hard-to-get, how to groom a FWB or NSA situation, how to cheat, blah, blah, blah. Fine info for entertainment but not to really help you get results that matter.

Happily, I’ve learned a lot from real people — my family, story circles in the Feminist/Womanist movement, and the bar. Pitfalls abide in this adventure called Manhattan living so I’m writing you a manual. This step-by-step guide will help you confront and manage the colorful suprises in store when working with and dating a Lifesavers roll assortment of hotties, notties, the morally bankrupt and the emotionally unhinged.


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