OMG!  I’m in the worst trouble of my life. I sent a nude photo of me in the shower to my boyfriend James on his cellphone.  He left his cell in his locker at football practice and somehow my pic got texted to all his friends.  Now I’m being bullied for real.  I keep getting threatening calls from a blocked number threatening to send my nude photo to the whole school.  That is unless I let the janitors “run a train” on me and videotape it. My friend Sandy says that’s some kind of gang sex thing.  What’m I gonna do?  My boyfriends says he thinks it’s all my fault.  Do I call the cops?  I could get in trouble for sending underage pictures? I saw that on the news.

-Kristen W.

I was at a party with my girls Amber and Becky.We were studying for the Regent’s exams next week and we got into some Hillbilly heroin her boyfriend Carter brought by.  There was some horsing around and our tops came off and Carter videotaped up.  Then he showed the video to his friends at the pool hall and the video got in the hands of some “connected” guys Carter went to school with.  Long story short.  These mobbed up guys are gonna show my family unless me and Amber start to work off $10,000 they decided we owe them.  That’s the price or else we get recruited into a life of prostitution.  I hate Carter and I don’t know who to trust.  My Mom died five years ago and my Dad is a cop but I found his porno stash in the basement 2 years ago. Now he doesn’t even hide it from me and my brothers.  And I don’t wanna get him in trouble at his job.  What can I do?

-Marie-Christine P.


The super-friendly stranger at the mall who wants you to work for him or her as a “model.”  The boyfriend who’s just having some fun with a video camera.   The circle of friends who rat out your nude pictures to your school.

When I was a freshman at college,  some frat boys posted polaroid pictures of a first-year cheerleader performing oral sex at a party all over campus.  That was the old technology but the spirit remains the same: exploitation.

And whether it’s egotripping, titillation or big bucks to be made off porn and prostitution, today’s women of all ages are at risk.  Hackers can even remotely activate the webcam on your laptop and get footage of you undressing, etc. in your home.

Women are vulnerable to blackmail because they’re easy to intimidate and too embarrassed to seek help. And sex-tortionists are will make good on their threats. If you will do anything to stop those images from getting out, you are infinitely blackmailable.


Contact large, protective men you know.  Contact the police.  Contact Legal Aid or a private lawyer.  Swallow your pride and fear and talk to your family.  Educate yourself about what the consequences have been for

But real safety is in prevention.  It’s trendy and all but so are STDS.

You have to look long and hard at any boyfriend or friend who would create such ricky imagery. Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens and Scarlett Johannsen aside, you also have to look in the mirror and question why you want to create nudies of yourself in the first place.  Imagine the worst that could happen before you take steps that could make the worst your reality.