KISSING UP – Date & Work Smarter, Not Harder

Welcome to an oasis of realism in the New York City social scene of bullies, hustlers and the truly crazy.  Author Patricia Cornwell writes novels about crimes of extreme violence.  When I met her at Barnes & Noble’s bookstore on Union Square, she said all shadings of evil and wrongdoing boil down to one thing: abuse of power.

Probably for me one of the most important things I’ve learned is how to read people better. Grasping their motives would be a heckuva lot easier if folks were straight-forward.  But no such luck.  If I had known more and been more discerning earlier, I may have avoided men, frienemies/ enamigas and co-workers who were toxic. If I had been better at picking quality men, I might be married now instead of clutching at the few good guys left in a sea of undesirables.

Many of life’s unprosecuted trangressions have a goal: they let the perpetrator get over on you.

Let’s delve into some of this everyday abuse so you can 1.) recognize it and 2.) manage it, even if you can’t quite put a stop to it yet.