Peter insists in every discussion or argument: “You only feel that way cuz you’re a woman.” He chuckles and claims the only thing he as a man can do is nod and agree since I’m always suffering from PMS hormones like all women. No, I always tell him — I’m a person first.

-Kelly U.

According to Gavin, all women are “mean girls” — all catty and competitive with each other.  They are incapable of higher intellectual thought or functioning.  We are best suited to being check out girls or babysitters.  Furthermore, Gavin states women all think “that bitch crazy” at her job.  He has to hold his sides, he’s laughing so hard.  To him, that’s the extent of any conversation a woman can have with a man about work.

-Cecelia S.


The sexist man wants to force you into his unrealistic, archaic “Mad Men” view of gender relations.  Nevermind how it doesn’t mesh with the reality that is LGBTQ and beyond.

He’s gonna bludgeon you with his antiquated, derisive “little lady” treatment.  Sickening.

But I think I see what these guys’ problem is. Aside from the lack of logic and virulent misogyny, as long as they continue to act like women are a separate species they don’t have to relate to us as fellow human beings.  And they can focus their energies on golf and football, hunting and boobie magazines.


You need to tell this fool about himself and cut him off.

Life is too short.

Any questions?



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